Best Triple Jogging Stroller Reviews: Our Advice For Active Parents

Best Triple Jogging Stroller Reviews
As more and more families take to the trail to pursue an active lifestyle, jogging strollers are increasingly popular. They’re a great way to take one or two kids out for a jog. They give you even more of a workout, and give your kids some extra sightseeing time! One question we’re asked more and more often about jogging strollers: what are the best triple jogging strollers?

The answer is fairly complicated, as you’ll learn if you read this guide. Below, we’ll explain why there are so few triple jogging strollers available these days, and we’ll talk about some alternatives for larger families who want to maintain active lifestyles.

Why Triple Jogging Strollers Aren’t Popular

For bigger families, jogging strollers are hard to find. Very few triple jogging strollers are made, especially these days. A few years ago, there were at least two or three brands producing a triple jogger model, even if they weren’t all particularly good. Now, we can’t find a single company producing them in the USA.

Why the disappearance? Well, several things are at play.

First of all, most folks find jogging enough of a workout by itself. Parents who jog while pushing a stroller are still in the minority. While jogging with kids is increasing in popularity, it’s still a fairly niche activity. Ambitious parents might jog with one child in front, or two if they’re super athletic. Even a duallie jogger is pushing it for most folks!
With that in mind, it’s no surprise that jogging with three kids in front of you isn’t for everybody, or even a sizeable minority of the population. Practically nobody does it, and that was true even when there were a few decent triples on the market.

In addition to the fact that jogging with three kids is a killer workout, let’s remember how unsafe even some single jogging strollers can be. Moving kids safely at high speeds is no small task for engineers. Very few jogging strollers for singles or two kids are sturdy and rugged enough to handle daily use without having a dangerous breakdown.

Add a third child into the mix, and it’s not entirely shocking that most companies steer clear! It’s hard enough to find a sturdy walking stroller for larger families, let alone something you can jog behind.

Finally, the cost of buying a decent quality triple jogging stroller has always been exorbitant. Think how much a good double jogger costs, after all! These were niche items to begin with. Add on a massive price tag, and it’s no mystery why so few people bought triple jogging strollers.

What Are The Options?

Note: At the moment, there are no triple jogging strollers available here in the USA. If you know of one, please let us know! We’ve found a few retailers selling backstock units of the BeBeLove model which was popular a few years ago, but we can’t recommend that model with confidence. Our team is always on the lookout for new models, so we’ll let you know if any come along that are worth considering.

Previously, there have been a few different kinds of triple jogging stroller produced. Most were situated with three kids sitting side-by-side, like your average double jogging stroller. Others went for a tandem approach, with two kids in the back row and one child in front. These were much more practical on smaller paths, where a stroller with three kids all in a row would force everyone else onto the grass.

What Are The Alternatives?

Jogging with one or two kids at a time is the best bet if you’re determined to jog with your children. It’s awkward, but it’s the best you can do at this point. This is also a great opportunity to persuade your spouse or partner to come along for the jog, if they don’t already join you. You can pair a single and a double for a complete jogging transport system.

Look into a bike buggy, if you want get out and active with all three kids and don’t have a partner to jog alongside. It’s easy to find buggies with three seats, and you can get just as much of a workout from cycling as from jogging.

Sticking to long walks is also an option. There are some very good triple strollers out there, as you’ll see in our buying guide to the best ones! While you may not be able to take them jogging, you can bring them on any well-kept walking path. Pushing three kids while walking at a decent clip is still plenty of workout for the average parent. If you want to stretch yourself further, simply plan a longer route and bring a picnic to share with the kids at the halfway point!

What’s Next

We hope you’ve gotten something out of this guide to triple jogging strollers, despite the fact that there aren’t currently any models for us to recommend to you. At the very least, we hope we’ve given you one or two ideas for alternatives you can use to keep your family fit and traveling together happily!

Many readers will want to check out our guide to the best triple strollers at this point, to see some available alternatives to triple jogging strollers. You might also want to have a look at our buying guides for jogging strollers, if you’re considering heading out with a partner or with one or two kids at a time.

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