Best Wax Strips For Upper Lip & Facial Hair (Reviews): Top Rated by Beauty Experts Alice
By Alice McLaughlin

womans nose and lipsIf you have unwanted facial hair, it can be difficult to know what to do to get rid of it completely. Using tweezers can take a long time, bleaching can be dangerous in the wrong hands with the possibility of burned and damaged skin, and shaving can end up leaving the hairs looking darker and thicker than they were before.

If you’ve tried everything and still have stray hairs on your face, facial waxing could be the perfect solution to your problem.

Home waxing kits represent a quick and easy solution to obtaining smooth, hair free facial skin. Coming in at an affordable price, there are many excellent brands on the market today, and many of them are extremely effective and simple to apply.

Whether you prefer the idea of using wax strips for the ultimate in convenience or cream wax which is perfect for delicate skin thanks to its moisturizing properties, you’re sure to find a facial waxing product to suit your needs.

Our Recommendations for the Best Wax Strips for Removing Upper Lip Hair

    • Parissa Natural Hair Removal Strip Free Hot Wax Kit (Ideal for stubborn, short hairs)

  • Nair Wax Ready – Strips (Most Convenient for facial hair removal)

Which Facial Areas Can You Use Wax On?

Whether you are keen to remove stubborn eyebrow hairs, have stubble that never seems to go away, facial waxing resolves the problem quickly and easily. Designed to catch even the finest hairs, the results last for several weeks when waxing is carried out properly. You can use wax on the following areas:

    • Eyebrows
    • Stubble
    • Stray chin hairs
    • Mustache hairs

How To Use Wax On Your Face Like A Pro

One of the easiest ways to use wax on your face is to use cold wax strips. These simply need to be removed from the box and applied to the area of the face from which you want to remove hair. You wait for the recommended period of time and then simply pull off the strip, taking the unwanted hair with it.

While wax strips are incredibly convenient and are the perfect choice for traveling, they are not the most precise option, especially if you only have a few fine hairs to remove. In these cases, warm wax is the best choice. To use warm wax on your face you need the following:

    • A wax warmer
    • Wax (cream wax is often the best for facial hair thanks to its moisturizing properties)
    • A cleanser
    • Baby powder
    • Muslin strips
    • Wooden applicators
    • Wax remover
    • Aloe gel
    • Tweezers

Before beginning to wax your face you need to make sure that the hair is long enough. It will need to measure a minimum of ¼” in length to use wax as otherwise it could cause the hairs to become ingrown. If your hair is sufficiently long, make sure your hair is kept away from your face and clean your hands thoroughly with soap.

Wash your face to remove grime and make up and then pat it fry gently. Apply a cleanser before waxing and then dust some baby powder onto the area you intend to wax.

Warm up the wax in a warmer until it is warm to the touch but not burning hot. It will have a similar appearance to honey or peanut butter. If it has a similar consistency to oil, it is too hot and will need to sit for a while until it returns to a honey-like consistency.

Using a wooden applicator, apply the wax in the same direction as the hairs are growly evenly in small sections. Make sure there is sufficient wax to cover the hair thoroughly but not so much it will be hard to remove.

Next, apply the waxing strip in the direction that the hair is growing. Leave a small amount of the end of the strip unattached to hair. You will use this tab to pull off the strip. Use your hand to press gently against the strip so it lies smoothly against the hair. Give it a few seconds so that the wax attaches firmly to the hair and has cooled down slightly.

Grab the tab and, holding the skin tautly with your other hand, pull off the strip in a single rapid pull in the opposite direction to the hair’s growth.

Work across the whole area to be waxed in sections until all the unwanted hair is removed. Avoid applying wax to the same area twice since it could irritate the skin. Following waxing, if there are any remaining stray hair, use tweezers to finish off the job.

Finally, use some wax remover to take away any remaining residue then apply an aloe vera gel so the skin will be soothed and moisturized.

What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Wax Strips For Upper Lip?

  1. Choose a product based on your need. Do you need it for tiny amounts of hair, or do you need the strips for a lot more hair than usual?
  2. Consider ease of use. Do those wax strips require warm water for them to work, or is cold water fine?
  3. Select a product that works for you. Try looking at reviews like the ones we have below before you make your purchase. If you can buy 2 products so that if the first doesn’t work, the second is more likely to give your desired results.

Which Are The Best Facial Wax Strips/Kits To Use?

There are many facial wax brands which can be used safely and to great effect in your own home. Some of the best include:

Parissa Natural Hair Removal Strip Free Hot Wax Kit

Parissa with Strip Free Hard Wax, 4oz. (120g) Wax, 3 Spatulas, Aftercare OilThis kit is ideal for the stubborn, short hairs that are so often found on the face that are missed by large cold wax strips. This kit contains a warming pan, wax and three wooden applicators and couldn’t be easier to use. Simply warm the wax, apply to the face using the applicators and then peel off against the direction of hair growth for a fuzz-free face that will have a lasting smooth finish.

Nair Wax Ready-Strips


This wax kit from the popular Nair brand couldn’t be easier to use. The strips in this kit are simply peeled apart, applied to the area of the face which you wish to remove hair from and then pulled off. There is no need to warm the strips and there is no need to rub them onto the face. This makes them one of the quickest options for facial hair removal and are absolutely perfect for use while traveling. 

Unwanted facial hair can be a real pain, and can be very embarrassing too. If you are looking for the most effective and convenient way to remove those stray hairs from your chin, eyebrows or upper lip, a facial waxing kit could be the ideal solution. 

Overall, for speed, convenience and affordability, we think that the Nair Wax Ready-Strips are the best wax strips for upper lip areas. If you’re still not sure whether waxing is the right approach for you, don’t worry! There are all sorts of ways to get your facial hair under control. Check out our guide to the best epilators for more ideas.

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