Best Box Spring Reviews: The Most Comfortable & Long-Lasting Supports

Best Box SpringBox springs do more than just support the mattress. They add more height to easily get in and out of the bed and prolong the life of the mattress by preventing sagging. Of course, you will also feel more comfortable sleeping on a bed with a box spring as it enhances the mattress’ firmness.

Complete your bed set up with a box spring. Check out our best recommendations on box springs below:

Here are the things you should know about these box springs:

1. Zinus Armita 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

When it comes to value-for-your-money box springs, your best choice is the Zinus Armita. Made from steel material, this box spring holds up well against heavier loads. This particular size has a weight maximum capacity of 2,400 lbs., so you can buy even the heavier mattresses out there without a problem.

Included in your purchase are the tools needed to assemble this mattress. It comes with wing nuts and Allen wrenches to make sure that you can assemble this thing in a jiffy. The 9-inch height of this box spring gives the entire bed set up a substantial high profile. That means getting in and out of the bed is easier. Zinus also ensures you can get this in your home with no issues. With its tight packaging, you can get it in narrow hallways and tight corners.


Everything about this box spring screams quality. If you check the slats, you will notice how sturdy the welded joints are. Nothing about this box spring is in danger of getting damaged easily. It doesn’t squeak like other box springs do, a further testament to its good craftsmanship.

It has a high weight limit. It can accommodate up to 2,400 pounds of weight, so even if you are using heavier mattresses like latex mattress, you won’t use up its weight quota.

It is packed well. The packaging is very compact, so it allows you to move this up the stairways in tight hallways without any issues.

Everything you need is already included. There are also tools included, so you can get started in assembling it right after receiving it. Assembly was fairly straightforward and simple. Many said they did it alone in under 15 minutes.

It offers excellent weight distribution properties. You don’t have to worry that only one part of the box spring will bear the brunt of the weight.

It comes with a non-slip fabric. This will help prevent the mattress from sliding off of the box spring.

This product is backed by a satisfying 5-year warranty.


Some said they had difficulties following the manual because of the lack of labeling on each metal part.

2. Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile Box Spring

Just a little bit more affordable than the previous one, this easy-to-assemble box spring from Classic Brands provide an instant foundation for your mattress. This is strong and durable enough to accommodate heavier mattresses such as latex and memory foam. Your mattresses can last for a longer time with the supportive features of this box spring.

This box spring is made up of 8 inches of solid spruce, all of which are handmade in the USA. The drawstring cover conceals the box spring and makes it blend well with your mattress. With all the tools already included in your purchase, you can assemble this box spring in no time.


This has a nice 8-inch height that should be just right in giving more height to your bed setup. It allows you to go for thicker mattresses such as memory foam or latex.

It is made from solid spruce, which is a durable kind of material that ensures longevity to your box spring. It can accommodate heavier or denser foam mattresses. It distributes the weight of mattresses all over the box spring so that sagging can be prevented.

This is backed by a 3-year worry-free warranty.

Assembly isn’t that difficult and tedious to do. All the pieces are included, and the manufacturer provided the additional tools needed to assemble it.

It doesn’t squeak like many of the metal box springs out there. In fact, some customers used good quality wood glue for all the joints, and this took care of any lingering squeaking problems.

This box spring is one of the most affordable ones out there. If you are on a tight budget, you will definitely find this the best choice for you.


The wood is unfinished. It is easily hidden but if it bothers you, might need to sand or stain it before using it.

3. Mainstays Half Fold Metal Box Spring

Made from heavy-gauge and highly durable steel, this box spring will serve you for many more years to come because of its long life span. The steel can withstand heavy loads from dense mattresses or from the people using the bed. And because it is steel, you never have to worry that insects and bed bugs will get to your box spring and slowly eat away the foundation.

One of the more remarkable features of this box spring is its foldable function. It can be folded up in half to make it easier to transport and store. Since it is already pre-assembled, there is no need to spend hours putting this together. Just unfold it and it is ready to be used.


The foldable function is really helpful. There is no need to assemble anything. It takes just a few minutes to unbox it and then set it up on the bed. You just need to flip upside down, so that it can unfold correctly. Since it is folded up, you can easily move it anywhere in the house without needing the help of another person.

The build is impressive. It does a great job in supporting heavier mattresses with little issues. You can tell that it is built like a tank with the way it prevents squeaking. It doesn’t squeak like similar metal box springs.

In case you want to clean your mattress and the rest of the bed, you can take it out and fold. Since it folds in half, storage is also easy and simple. It doesn’t take up a lot of space.

It arrived in a small box that buyers did not have issues getting in their house. It is lighter compared to box springs made from wood.


Some said they wished it came with more bars so that it provided more support.

4. Brooklyn Bedding Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation

This might be more expensive than your average box spring, but it is definitely worth the price. All 6.5 inch of this foundation provides a good amount of support to the mattress. It is made from tubular steel that can hold up heavy loads effortlessly. The material also provides an edge to edge firmness and no side-sway feature, so you can be assured of long-term durability.

Because it is tri-fold, you don’t need to assemble anything. Simply unfold it on the bed and it will do the work for you. It is convenient to transport and to setup.


It has a tri-fold function, which allows users to easily set it up without having to use tools to assemble it. It can also be easily transported from one to another with minimal help. Even if you are setting it up by yourself, you won’t have a hard time.

Because it folds three times, the fold is not found in the center, which might compromise its strength. That means it still provides more than adequate center support.

This comes with the longest warranty around – 10 years of no hassle warranty.

The white soft knit cover keeps the box spring foundation protected from external elements.

This box spring eliminates the creaking problem that is common with other box springs.

Many people noticed how much more comfortable their mattress has gotten since using this.  They said their mattress is like new when they installed this. It even provided extra support around the hip area.


It is a bit more expensive than other box springs out there.

Which Box Spring is the Best for You?

Best Overall Choice: Zinus Armita 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring. We can say that this is the box spring that is most ideal to get overall. It is not very expensive, but it is well-made. Assembly is fairly easy, and this box spring seems to be durable enough to last for years. It also accommodates heavier loads easily.

Quietest Box Spring: Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile Box Spring. If you have ever had a noisy box spring before, you probably know how annoying that can get. It can disturb you or your bed partner. This box spring takes care of that problem. It is one of the quietest around. Many of those who have used it said they did not have issues with squeaking like what they experienced in their old box springs in the past.

Easy to Setup: Mainstays Half Fold Metal Box Spring. It actually doesn’t require assembly. You just take it to the bed and unfold it there. It is lighter in weight compared to other box springs, but it provides a good amount of support. There are no annoying squeaking sounds to deal with.

Most Supportive: Brooklyn Bedding Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation. This box spring provided the most support, so much that people are raving about how much their mattress has changed since using this. Their mattress became so much more comfortable. It might be worth spending a few more hundred dollars for this box spring.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Box Spring

We want you to make the best decisions when it comes to buying a box spring. Here are a few more things you should consider when buying a box spring:

Material. What material is the best choice for you? When opting for steel, make sure it is made from high quality steel material that will last for a long time. It should be resistant to corrosion and rusting. Wood is also a good choice because it prevents too much squeaking. However, it should also be resistant to critters such as bugs, so it will not decay or get damaged easily.

Construction. If it is made from metal, make sure the joints are welded properly. If it is made from wood materials, the joints should be adhered properly.

Noise. You don’t want the box spring to squeak a lot. The foldable ones are virtually noise-free but if you are choosing the ones that still have to be assembled where there are a lot of loose parts, make sure these parts are connected properly. For instance, the wood should be glued together in all the surfaces to make sure there are fewer parts moving.

Slat Spacing. If you are using a dense foam mattress, it is better to have smaller slat spacing in order to have more room for the slats. More slats mean more support to the mattress. There are specifications that mattress manufacturers have when it comes to the spacing of slats. Some mattresses still need a good amount of ventilation in order to prevent the build up of molds or mildew. Follow these specifications, so you don’t end up ruining your mattress.

Assembly. Foldable box springs don’t need to be assembled. Simply set it up and unfold it. If you hate doing assembly, go for the foldable ones. They might be more expensive, but they are easier and more convenient. Otherwise, go for the cheaper ones that still require tools for assembly.


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