Best Fleece Sheet Reviews: The Most Comfortable Ones You Can Buy

Best Fleece SheetWhat better way to spend a cold winter day than tucked in bed with a nice and warm fleece sheet? Everyone living in places with freezing temperatures should get themselves a fleece sheet or two. You can turn down your thermostat down a notch or two with the thermal and heating benefits that fleece sheets can provide. Today, we will show you which fleece sheets sold in the market today are worth buying.

Best Fleece Sheets Reviews

Here are the fleece sheets you would want to consider getting:

Check out more of the features of these fleece sheets:

1. Cozy Fleece Comfort Collection Velvet Plush Sheet Set

Quality doesn’t have to come with a high price tag as this fleece sheet set proves. Made with premium fleece material, this has the stretch known to fleece fabrics. It can be stretched up to 16 inches. The thermal properties of this sheet set are unmatched. You can fend off the cold snuggled in its plush and soft material.

This set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases. Everything is made from the same kind of micro plush fleece material, so you are getting the best comfort on all sides of the bed.


This has the best comfort you will experience in bed sheets. It is so comfortable that you will wonder how you got by with a regular cotton material for your bed sheet. It is warm and soft, so you can stay in it the whole day and not experience discomforts.

It holds up well against regular use and frequent washing. What is great about fleece is that it retains its color easily. It doesn’t fade like other materials. Some said they used the lowest setting of their washing machine. This setting also keeps the fleece protected from damages.

The fit is perfect. The pockets are deep enough, so you won’t worry that your bed sheet will slip off easily.

Customer service is also great, according to customers. Those who had issues with damages were able to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

The color choices are also great. You should be able to find one that will work with your current design theme in your bedroom.

You would think that this fleece sheet is heavy, but it actually isn’t. Some said it is lightweight, even after washing.

It keeps you nice and warm but not too stifling like what happens with flannel, so this should also be a great choice for little ones. That is because the material itself is still breathable.


It does have a tendency to shed but not too much that it loads your washer with lint.

2. Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set

We know some of you might want a fleece sheet you can use even in those warmer days. This all-season fleece sheet should be the perfect choice that can address that need. This fleece sheet is tailored to perfection to make this capable of providing the warmth you need in the winter and the breathable features you are looking for during those warmer months. The material is also resistant to wrinkling and fading, thereby ensuring that this will last for a long time. It is also pill resistant and keeps dust mites and bed bugs at bay.

Unlike other fleece sheets, this one is capable of wicking moisture away. It is also unbelievably plush and soft, making you feel like you spent hundreds of dollars on this. This set comes with a queen fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 standard pillowcases.


This fleece sheet is really plush but without packing on the weight. It still feels lightweight but has a plushness that makes you feel like it is more expensive than it really is.

The material is hypoallergenic. Since it is resistant to bed bugs and dust mites, it is safe to use. Also, if you are allergic to other types of textile such as flannel or wool, this should be an ideal alternative for you.

The breathability makes this an ideal choice even during summer. It still allows air to effortlessly circulate through the fabric material.

It is elasticized. It holds on to the sides of your mattress effectively. The elasticized corners have 8-16 inches of depth, so this sheet really stays on the mattress even when you toss and turn.

It is quite easy to care for. Simply wash it in the washing machine using cold water and you are great to go. Dry it using low-temperature tumble dry settings.

It is backed by a risk-free 100% guarantee.


Some experienced pilling issues.

3. Home Fashion Designs May Collection Super Soft Extra Plush Polar Fleece Sheet Set

Need a fleece sheet that has extra plushness? Choose this one. This polar fleece sheet set features 150 GSM material that is thicker and plusher than your average fleece sheet. It provides the softest and the coziest fleece material that you will want to snuggle up in all winter long.

The set comes with a fitted sheet, one flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. The sheets are up to 17 inches deep, so you never have to worry about the covers of your mattress slipping off all the time. It also has a breathable function that regulates temperature, so your fleece sheet doesn’t get too hot.


The comfort of this fleece sheet is unparalleled. The ultra-plush fleece truly delivers superior comfort. The surface feels soft, smooth and cozy.

It has a good level of breathability, which makes this comfortable to use even in the summer.

It stays on, thanks to its deep side pockets. You can toss and turn on the bed and not get annoyed of the bed sheet constantly slipping off.

There are so many color choices to choose from. You can choose from light, neutral or dark colors, whatever suits your design preferences.

It is also affordable. For its price, you are getting a bed sheet set that still delivers good quality.

This can be machine washed as well. It lasts for a long time even with frequent washes as it is naturally resistant to staining, shrinking, pilling and wrinkling.

If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund if you return it within 30 days after purchase.


Some said it was too lightweight for their preferences.

4. Great Bay Home Super Soft Extra Plush Plaid Polar Fleece Sheet Set

We like the plaid design of this fleece sheet set. You can also get this in other colors and design like lattice. If you want something with a print, go for this one. Comfort-wise, it doesn’t lag behind. With 150GSM of polar fleece material, this delivers well when it comes to comfort and warmth. The fibers of the fabric still allow for a seamless flow of air.

The sheet offers up to 17 inches of deep pockets, so you can prevent it from slipping off the mattress. Easily wash this in your washer. Aside from its wrinkle resistant features, it is also shrink and pill resistant. It retains its vibrant color for a long time as well.


There are more nice designs to choose from. Get the plaid one for a retro feel and look in your home. You can choose the lattice design if you are going for a more minimalist or chic style in your bedroom.

It is well-made. You can expect this fleece sheet to last for a long time. Even when washed constantly, customers said they did not have issues with pilling. It barely leaves lint behind. It is also resistant to fading. It retains its vibrant color and pattern for a long time.

The pockets are deep. You won’t have trouble keeping it on your mattress.

This fleece sheet is really soft and cozy. It still has breathable material, so you won’t get too hot while using it.

The manufacturer offered a satisfaction guarantee. You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.


Some said it is a bit thinner than they prefer.

Which Fleece Sheet Should You Go For?

Now which of these fleece sheets would work best for you?

For the Budget-Conscious: Cozy Fleece Comfort Collection Velvet Plush Sheet Set. There are a lot of affordable fleece sheets out there and this is one of them. It has a low price tag but still offers quality features. The material is thick and provides breathable warmth, so you can feel comfortable in the winter but not too hot that it feels stifling. This product also looks luxurious and has a construction that will last for a long time.

Great for All Seasons: Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set. This is a good fleece sheet to get if you want to use your fleece sheet no matter what the season is. It is thick and plush enough to provide warmth and comfort in the winter but has breathable functions, so you can still use it in the summer. You will be happy with its durability and hypoallergenic features.

Plushest Choice: Home Fashion Designs May Collection Super Soft Extra Plush Polar Fleece Sheet Set. This sheet truly delivers when it comes to comfort and warmth. The extra fiber count makes this one of the plushest fleece sheets to have around. If you like more comfort and more warmth, get this one instead.

Most Durable: Great Bay Home Super Soft Extra Plush Plaid Polar Fleece Sheet Set. Aside from the comfort of this fleece sheet, it is also very durable. It can withstand frequent washes in the washing machine and also isn’t prone to pilling or fading.

Tips in Buying Fleece Sheets

To help you find a good fleece sheet to enjoy for many more years to come, here are a few more tips you need to consider:

1. Check the quality and thickness of the fleece sheet.

Don’t just trust the pictures you can see. Some might look nice in the photos but may actually be thin in real life. Find out its thread count and how plush it really is. You can also read the reviews of other people stating how thick the material is.

2. Make sure it is comfortable and breathable at the same time.

Most people will find fleece comfortable because of its naturally soft texture. It also has a good thermal property that should keep you nice and toasty in the winter season. But make sure it is also breathable so that air can flow through the material with ease. That way, you won’t get too hot when using it. A breathable fleece material is also ideal to use in the summer.

3. It should be durable and resistant to pilling.

Pilling means the material is shedding. If it sheds, it means it is not that durable. Constant shedding will thin out the material every time you wash it. It will also be a pain to wash since it will leave lint in your washer all the time.

4. It should be lightweight.

Fleece can be heavy, especially when weight. You would want to buy something lightweight, so it is easy to wash and use. If you plan on traveling with it, go for something lightweight as well.

5. Look for an affordable choice.

Go for a fleece sheet that has the affordability to boast of. But when it comes to choosing an affordable fleece sheet, make sure you don’t compromise on quality. You still get what you pay for. If it is too cheap, it might get damaged easily.


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