Best Immersion Hand Blender Reviews: The Most Powerful Brands & Models

Best Immersion Hand Blender ReviewsWhether you’re making soups, sauces, puddings or any number of other dishes, an immersion blender is an essential part of your culinary toolkit. No well-equipped kitchen is complete without one! The best immersion hand blenders help you achieve perfect consistency, right in the pot! They help you blend, crush, puree, and smooth all sorts of concoctions without making a mess or damaging your cookware.

Sadly, a lot of immersion blenders aren’t up to the challenge of helping without harming. They splatter food everywhere, or glom onto the bottoms of your pots so that you have to stop what you’re doing and try and prevent total chaos. Even some of the most expensive models scratch nice cookware, too. All of these flaws come from a combination of mechanical flaws and user error, since immersion hand blenders require a gentle hand and just the right amount of speed and pressure to blend food without splashing or sticking.

Don’t worry! For this guide, we’ve asked our kitchen expert, Amanda Tucker, to go on a quest to find the absolute best immersion hand blenders currently on the market. She’s weeded through dozens of brands and models to find the most powerful, reliable, and ergonomic options available today. The models currently on this list are not only some of the best, but also ones that are affordable for the average cook or home chef. We know not everyone has lots of extra money lying around, but everyone deserves to have some good food!

You’ll find all Amber’s recommendations below, along with some helpful advice on choosing the best hand blender for your kitchen!

What Is an Immersion Blender For?

Immersion blenders are a unique kitchen implement that allows the user to mix food and recipes without making a mess or dirtying too many dishes. With a regular blender, you often have to put together a small device, make sure the bowl, blade, and lid are in place, and then hope it doesn’t splatter or open. There is then a ton of cleaning that needs to be done. The immersion blender is a chef’s answer to not wanting to work with so many dishes. All you have to do is lower the wand or attachment into the bowl where you’ve gathered all of your ingredients.

Immersion blenders are frequently seen in the kitchens of restaurants and home chefs that like to make a lot of sauces, frostings, and other recipes by hand. They’re great for beating eggs, which don’t always like to mix properly since the yolk and whites have different consistencies. An immersion blender is also an easy way to construct home smoothie and milkshakes from fruits and vegetables.

If you’re thinking of increasing the fanciness of your kitchen, you might be interested in pureeing soup. As being a foodie becomes a popular hobby, knowing how to create excellently crafted butternut squash soup and other thick stews is important. Instead of trying to transfer hot or boiling liquid to a blender, all you have to do is lower your hand blender into the ingredients to develop the right consistency. Pesto sauce is another popular recipe. It can be hard to blend herbs, leaves, and mozzarella to create a delicious spread, especially since plant leaves like to stick to the side of a blender. Now you can just use your hands! Mayonnaise works the same way. Why worry about eggs and oil refusing to stick when now you can control how much power and whipping is done?

Finally, there are desserts. I’ve found the immersion blender is unique in its capability to make an exquisite dessert without destroying the often delicate ingredients used. Whipped cream is especially fun to fix up since I know longer have to tire out my arms whipping that cream. Frosting is also super easy, and butter no longer sticks to the sides of my blender or gets caught up in the blades of the blender or the interior of my whisk when I use one of these.

Honestly, an immersion blender can be used for anything you want it to be. While I have my favorite recipes, you can try out an immersion or hand blender with any of your favorite foods that require blending or mixing.

What to Look for in an Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are an unusual tool and not something found in every kitchen. Not everything can be made in a regular blender, especially since many more delicate recipes require careful handling and better control over the mixing and fluidity of ingredients. When you need to whip something up figuratively and literally but don’t want to have the hassle and lack of finesse of a standard blender, you can rely upon the immersion.

Immersion blenders go by a lot of names, including hand, stick, and wand blenders. They come in a variety of forms, including cord and cordless. Both models are useful but will be more beneficial to you depending on the layout of your kitchen. If you have one of those small rooms with a single outlet in a hard to reach space, you’re more likely going to want a cordless blender so you can maneuver as easily as possible. If you have plenty of outlets, then a corded model should be fine. There really isn’t any power difference between the styles, so it comes down to your preference. However, corded do tend to be cheaper than cordless, and cordless might require charging or the use of batteries.

Speed and power are the main characteristics you’re going to want to look for. An immersion blender with decent speed and power that doesn’t break the bank can be difficult to find. In general, it’s best to find a model that has more than one speed. This means you can adjust your blending as much as you need when trying to perfect a cream or frosting. In terms of power, you really want something that hits the middle of the road. Too much and your recipe could be destroyed by pounded egg yolks or too much whipping. Too little and you won’t get the desired consistency you want. If you can find a model that has multiple speeds and just the right amount of power, then you’ll be in cooking heaven.

But what is the right amount of power?

In general, you’re going to want something capable of moving between 8,000 and 12,000 RPM, or revolutions per minute. This sounds like a lot, but is an excellent amount because it will create the perfect consistency for your food. Most hand blenders will fall somewhere between these numbers, so thankfully your shopping won’t have too many extra steps.

Finally, you’re going to want to look at what type of attachments are available for the blender. Some immersion models will only include the basic mixing appendage which can sometimes be removed but often needs to be washed while still attached to the motor. This attachment typically features a thin, small blade hidden underneath a protective metal covering. While it can cut through solid materials like eggs and avocados, it’s also supposed to smoothly mix together ingredients without splashing. That guard is important then because it keeps your food in the mixing bowl and doesn’t splash you with homemade mayonnaise when you’re trying to work.

Besides this basic mixing attachment, you might sometimes see extra pieces. The most common alternative to the standard blending piece is a whisk. If you do a lot of baking or egg beating, you know that a whisk can be an essential tool but that whisking certain recipes can be a time consuming and difficult. If you want to use the kitchen equivalent of a power tool to solve this problem, definitely look for an immersion blender that comes with one!

Occasionally, you might see different types of blades. The most common varieties are the star shape and the S shape. As you can expect, one is supposed to have four or five points like a star while the other has two curved blades. These blades are used when you need to blend something that has more solids or chunks that might need to be cut through. These are most commonly used to make fruit and vegetable smoothies since they can grind and slice through pulp. Almost every immersion blender comes with a single blade protected under a guard, but sometimes there is more than one

Finally, you might sometimes see a mixing bowl included with the immersion blender. Mixing bowls tend to be the perfect size to use with the blender, so you don’t have to worry about using your own equipment and dishes. This is great if you worry about damage or just want to make sure you are getting the best blend possible. Hand blenders that come with this attachment have been marked in the list.

Best Immersion Hand Blender Reviews

KitchenAid KHB1231HT 2-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KHB1231HT 2-Speed Hand Blender

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Amanda’s Take

KitchenAid’s 2-speed model is a great place to start if you’re in the market for your first immersion blender. It’s not the most powerful or reliable thing on the market, but it’s by far the best under $50. I think this is perfect a perfect first appliance for aspiring home cooks who are trying to get themselves a complete set of tools without breaking the bank. If you don’t end up using your immersion blender as often as you thought you would, you won’t feel too bad because you haven’t spent a lot of money on it.

If you’re worried about having kitchen implements that match and fit a set pattern, you will be gratified to hear that this KitchenAid hand blender is available in over 20 different colors, including unusual choices like hot sauce and lavender. Nothing will get you into the mood for cooking and experimenting better than getting to use exquisite, colorful tools.

Other benefits of using the KitchenAid KHB1231HT 2-Speed Hand Blender are that it comes with it’s own container that measures liquid in fluid ounces, the blending portion of the tool can be detached from the electrical components for easy washing, and the stainless steel wipes clean well and doesn’t scratch much during regular use. Honestly, how often can you expect to have a blending device that is actually easy to clean? Everyone knows the pain of trying to sanitize standard blending tools and accidentally cutting themselves or struggling to get in all of the nooks and crannies.

The best thing about any KitchenAid product is the warranty, though! This is a tool you can get for less than $50, but it still comes with a 1-year, no-hassle guarantee that covers you if anything goes wrong. With most other budget appliances, you’re on your own if something breaks or malfunctions.

If there are any cons with this KitchenAid product, they are attached to the hand blender’s durability. This is an inexpensive kitchen tool, and it shows in the quality of the blender and its associated plastic cup. If you’re not careful, you can accidentally crack the plastic easily. The other issue is that this hand blender is very top heavy, so you need to have a firm grip when using it so you don’t drop it or drag the blending service along the bottom of the associated container.

Despite this flaws, though, this KitchenAid hand blender is one of the best on the market, especially since it comes with a warranty that covers regular use. If you decide you don’t like it or something goes wrong during use, you can get a replacement or refund!

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

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Amanda’s Take

Breville’s Control Grip immersion blender is an absolute beast in the kitchen. While it takes more than sheer power to make a good appliance, it’s refreshing in this day and age to see a brand throw so much grunt power into their products. So many other companies put out well-made tools with wimpy motors, but not Breville! Users of this hand blender will be pleased to know the tool can help turn chunky recipes into smooth sauces and creams through its power and easy to use style.

The Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender is slightly more expensive than the KitchenAid model discussed earlier, costing around $90. However, the extra money goes to that great motor as well as a sturdy and durable construction that makes the blender simple and easy to use. The speed of the product can also be adjusted from the handle, so you don’t have to stop blending to change. Unlike some other products currently on the market, the Breville has an intriguing bell-shaped design which helps improve the flow of ingredients during blending and prevents sticking.

So, what about flaws? Well, unlike the KitchenArt, the Breville does not automatically come with a warranty, so you’re on your own if there’s an accident in the kitchen. Some people also reported being unable to clean out the interior pockets of the blender. When the handheld Breville is used, sometimes liquid leaks through the pockets where different segments of the blender connect. This liquid is difficult to get out with taking apart the entire product, so it will take some time to clean.

But do these flaws really detract from the ease, power, and capabilities of the Breville? I think not.

I think this is an excellent choice for anyone whose chief concern is grunt power. If you want your immersion blender to blast through absolutely anything with no trouble, get the Breville! It’s also a nice compromise between the cheap budget models and the premium (in price and quality) Bamix below. It’s not as easy to handle or as flawlessly-executed as the Bamix but it’s more than enough for most home cooks without breaking your wallet or dishes.


Bamix Deluxe M150 150-Watt 2-Speed/3-Blade Immersion Hand Blender With Dry Grinder & Table Stand

Bamix Deluxe M150-150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Dry Grinder and Table StandClick for Price

Amanda’s Take

There’s really no comparison between Bamix immersion hand blenders and other brands on the market. While I do love the Breville for its brute force, the level of design and execution you get with a Swiss-made Bamix is another thing entirely. This Deluxe model is a versatile, ergonomic whizz that’s ideal for the most passionate home chefs. Most people don’t need to spend anything like this much on an immersion blender, but it’s worth it if you’re going to use yours often!

The Bamix Deluxe M150 tends to cost between $170 and $180, but is worth the money. It comes in two colors for all of your design needs and also possesses two speeds. At the low speed, it operates at 9,000 RPM. At the high speed, it operates at RPM. The stick of the hand blender is made of chromated brass, and the grip is easy to hold. Unlike some of the other models, you might have seen, the Bamix Deluxe M150 is surprisingly easy to clean. Instead of liquids seeping between the parts, the entire implement can be cleaned just by running it under the water. How many hand blenders can say that?

Despite the fact that the Breville has a bigger motor, I think the Bamix outshines that model in every other department. In fact, even the differences in power are negligible when it comes to most of the things you’ll use one of these for. The Bamix is more ergonomic, more user-friendly and more versatile. It also has a better grip and provides more stability than the Breville and KitchenAid.  I love the accessory kit, too. It includes a bunch of different blending heads to help craft the perfect sauce, frosting, cream, and even roux. It adds a lot to what you can do with your immersion blender. Bamix models last practically forever, so while this is a big investment, it’s a solid one.

Mueller Austria 1 001 Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

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If there’s one tendency I’ve noticed among chefs, it’s that many people are attracted to kitchen utensils that aren’t American-made. There’s something inherently intriguing about exotic tools, and the Mueller Austria has certainly developed a solid fan base thanks to its name and ability to handle a versatile set of situations. This particular model is one of the least expensive on the market, making it great for home chefs who want to try out an immersion blender but are scared to invest a lot of money when they don’t quite know what to do with it. This hand blender also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is also amazing if you’re like me and try to be frugal and get your money’s worth with your equipment!

The Mueller Austria is an easy to hold, silver hand blender that comes with the blender, a whisk, and a manual. The device has a fixed, S-shaped motor and rotor designed to accurately blend mixes while eliminating chunks and keeping frostings and creams soft and delicious. Supposedly, because the motor is made out of copper, it will last three times longer than the average hand blender. Whether or not this is true depends on how often you plan on using the immersion blender in your kitchen.

So, are there any cons keeping me from recommending this?

Well, although the Mueller Austria seems like a good investment, it does break easily. One of the biggest problems is the blade detaching itself into the food being blended. While this would normally be covered by the warranty, the manufacturer often claims the damage isn’t covered because it must have been used improperly. So, the Mueller Austria loses out to other choices like the KitchenAid or Breville.

BELLA 14460 Hand Immersion Blender

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BELLA means ‘beautiful,’ and it’s no surprise that this hand immersion blender is designed to be inexpensive and stylish. It’s available in a glossy red or black and has a couple of attachments available, including a whisk and a container for blending. This is one of the best hand blenders for people with small kitchens or who have a very limited budget, since the simple model can be bought for as low as $16. It also has two speeds and low 250 watt power, making it great for exceptionally finicky recipes.

However, because of the price point, there are some lasting issues with the BELLA 14460. First, although the manufacturer markets the tool as cordless, it actually does have a cord. Second, numerous people discovered that the locking mechanism that keeps the blending attachment in place breaks easily, so how much use I can get out of this blender is like rolling the dice and praying for snake eyes. Third and finally, this is just honestly a difficult immersion blender to clean. It seems like food just loves to worm its way into every nook and cranny available, and the process of cleaning becomes an absolute chore, especially when cooking with eggs and other foods that go foul fast.

So, I would not recommend the BELLA 14460 when there are far better options like the Bamix, Breville, and KitchenAid. However, I would purchase this if you really need a hand immersion blender for a couple of recipes but don’t need to use it often. This way, you don’t end up spending a ton of money for kitchen equipment you want but don’t need!

Betty Crocker RA28683 Hand Blender

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Almost everyone has heard of or used Betty Crocker products. Although this company typically makes easy to bake cake mixes and other delicious dessert treats, they also have their own line of kitchenware! This particular immersion blender is characterized by its sleek appearance and its accompanying 600 mm. mixing beaker that you can use instead of your other dishes. I love this particular hand blender because it’s one of the easiest to clean. The wand or head of the blender detaches from the motor, and you can either wash it by hand or place it in the dishwasher. This is great for me since it’s one less step during dinner preparation and cleanup.

Unlike some other hand blenders, the Betty Crocker RA28683 has two speeds as well as pulse control. This is great since it means you can exert some influence over whether or not ingredients are beat and blended delicately. This is super important when working with eggs and oil mixtures since the wrong speed can ruin a perfectly good mayonnaise. At its maximum, this hand blender uses about 400 watts of power. It’s not a lot, but it’s perfect for the average cook. The blender also doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can use it small kitchens with few outlets.

In terms of cons, there are a couple. The Betty Crocker RA28683 is one of the least expensive and doesn’t come with a warranty, so you have to take a gamble when you purchase one of these. It’s also weird that the company sells the immersion blender in packs of one, two, and three. The quality is therefore rather low, which is why this hand blender is best for individuals who want to experiment with a hand blender but aren’t sure if they want to keep one around the kitchen.


Now that you’ve taken a closer look at all our recommendations, which of these immersion hand blenders should you buy?

The KitchenAid is the clear winner if you’re on a tight budget. It’s simple, effective, and affordable.  It certainly beats out other inexpensive immersion blenders like the BELLA 14460 and Betty Crocker RA28683. It also doesn’t break as easily as the Mueller Austria and still has a better warranty. It’s not nearly as versatile as our other picks, though. It’s also not likely to last as long as the Breville or the Bamix in particular.

The Breville is our recommendation to the average buyer. We know not everyone does a lot of complicated home cooking and that buying specialty equipment can be expensive for the average individual. So, the Breville definitely manages to combine quality with affordability.  It’s a lot sturdier and stronger than the KitchenAid, without getting too close to the Bamix’s premium price tier. It’s more user-friendly than budget models and gets the job done more quickly. This is actually the most powerful of the three, so get this if you’re after sheer oomph! The Breville isn’t as rock-solid as the Bamix, though. We’ve found that with most immersion blenders, there is always a bit of a sacrifice in quality if you don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars on a single piece of kitchen equipment. However, if you do have the extra cash stashed away to treat yourself, the Bamix is an excellent option.

If you’re a daily cook who’s passionate about food, we recommend you get the Bamix. It’s the priciest of the bunch and not as brawny as the Breville, but it’s still the best immersion blender we’ve reviewed to date. It has outstanding reliability, the design is both user-friendly and efficient, and it’s the most pleasant to use. Just don’t get it if you’re not absolutely sure you’ll get your money’s worth. Overall, when taking into account all the factors, we think the best immersion hand blender has to be the KitchenAid KHB1231HT 2-Speed Hand Blender – a truly affordable way to blend food.

What’s Next

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