Best Jogging Strollers 2023: Top Picks for Active Parents


Best Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are a perfect solution for active parents who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing time with their little ones. These specialized strollers are specifically designed to provide a smooth and stable ride for your child while you exercise. Equipped with large air-filled tires, suspension systems, and adjustable tracking, jogging strollers ensure that your child remains comfortable and safe even on bumpy terrain or at faster speeds.

Just like regular strollers, jogging strollers come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different needs and preferences. However, their primary goal remains the same: to offer safety, comfort, and maneuverability while giving parents the opportunity to stay active and fit. When considering a jogging stroller, it is crucial to pay attention to features such as wheel size, suspension systems, and weight limits to ensure the stroller’s compatibility with both your exercise routine and your child’s age and size.

Additionally, it is important to evaluate the stroller’s ease of folding and storage, safety features such as a five-point harness, and any additional conveniences like a canopy, storage compartment, or compatibility with infant car seats. Prioritizing these factors will aid in finding the best jogging stroller that fits your lifestyle and provides a safe, comfortable experience for your child.

After extensive research and testing, we have compiled a list of the top jogging strollers that excel in all these critical areas, guaranteeing a smooth, enjoyable experience for both parent and child. Let’s dive into the details and find the perfect jogging stroller to match your needs.

Best Jogging Strollers

In the following list, we present to you the top jogging strollers currently available, handpicked for their excellent features, design, and durability.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging Strollers

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 is a versatile jogging stroller, ideal for active families looking for a high-quality stroller that can handle various terrains.


  • Suspension system and air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride
  • Adjustable handlebar and no-rethread harness for easy height adjustments
  • Ample storage space with six pockets and an extra-large cargo basket


  • May be heavy for some users
  • No cup holder included
  • No handbrake for downhill control

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 jogging stroller offers a smooth ride across various terrains, thanks to its suspension system and air-filled tires. Whether going for a run or strolling around the zoo, this stroller is designed to provide comfort and convenience for both the parent and the child. Its adjustable handlebar and no-rethread harness ensure a perfect fit for parents of all heights and make height adjustments a breeze, contributing to its ease of use.

Another key feature of the Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller is its ample storage space. With six storage pockets, an extra-large cargo basket, and a handy cell phone pocket at the handlebar, parents can bring along all the essentials and still have room for more items. Plus, the ultra-padded compression seat with infinite recline provides all-day comfort for the child, allowing them to sit up fully upright or lay near-flat with the push of a button.

However, some users may find the stroller to be heavy, making it less convenient for transportation and storage. Additionally, the stroller lacks a cup holder and a handbrake for better downhill control. Despite these drawbacks, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 remains a top choice for active families searching for a durable and versatile jogging stroller that can handle various adventures while providing comfort and convenience.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom

Best Jogging Strollers

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is a reliable option for parents seeking both comfort and convenience for their babies while jogging or strolling.


  • Smooth ride with all-terrain tires
  • Versatile locking swivel wheel
  • Convenient storage and cup holders for both parent and child


  • Bulky when folded
  • Challenging to inflate the front wheel
  • Limited reclining positions

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller offers a comfortable ride for your baby with its adjustable, reclining, padded seat and all-terrain tires. The extra-wide, open wheelbase ensures exceptional stability while jogging or strolling.

The stroller’s locking swivel wheel allows you to easily switch between jogging and strolling modes, making it highly adaptable to your activity. The parent tray with covered storage and child tray with cup holders add convenience for both you and your child during your outings.

However, some drawbacks include its cumbersome size when folded, which may not fit in smaller car trunks or storage spaces. Inflating the front wheel can be challenging as some hand pumps might not fit properly. The seat reclining positions could be better, offering limited options for your baby’s comfort.

Overall, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is a great choice for active parents who want a comfortable and versatile stroller for their baby. Its thoughtful design and convenient features provide an enjoyable experience for both parent and child during outdoor activities.

Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging Strollers

The Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller is a great choice for parents seeking a comfortable and versatile jogging stroller for daily use.


  • Smooth ride with shock-absorbing frame
  • Comfortable for both kids and parents
  • Compatible with multiple car seat models


  • Front-wheel lock may present issues
  • May be too bulky for those with limited storage space
  • Adapters for specific car seats are sold separately

The Apollo Jogging Stroller by Delta Children is designed for peak performance, whether you’re jogging on a trail or strolling on a sidewalk. Its all-terrain capabilities and 360-degree swivel front wheel deliver smooth steering, and the suspension system with visible shock absorbers smooths out bumps in the road, providing a comfortable experience for both you and your child.

This stroller is equipped with an extendable water-resistant UPF 50+ canopy, a multi-position reclining seat, and ample storage space. Parents will appreciate the adjustable foam handlebar and the parent organizer with two cup holders. Additionally, the stroller is compatible with various car seat models and includes an adapter for Graco SnugRide Click Connect, Evenflo Nurture, and Evenflo Embrace models. However, separate adapters are required for Britax B-Safe 35 and Chicco KeyFit 30, which are sold separately.

The compact fold and quick-release back wheels make it easy to transport or store the stroller. The Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller also features a five-point safety harness with reflective piping for nighttime walks and is JPMA certified, ensuring your child’s safety during your run. Weighing 33 pounds and recommended for children up to 50 pounds, this jogging stroller is a durable and reliable option for active families.

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging Strollers

The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller is a top pick for active parents who want a robust and high-performing stroller for their little ones.


  • Exceptional suspension system for smooth rides
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Excellent all-weather protection


  • Slightly heavy due to its sturdy frame
  • Maintenance needed for pneumatic tires
  • May require additional purchases for car seat compatibility

The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller has been designed with both adventurous parents and their children in mind, making it an ideal option for those who love to take on various terrains. Thanks to its SmoothShox suspension system and air-filled tires, parents can expect a comfortable and smooth ride no matter the surface.

One of the standout features of this stroller is its all-weather canopy, which is designed to keep your child protected in various weather conditions. It is 100% waterproof, and windproof, and offers UPF 50+ sun protection, ensuring that your child is safe and comfortable during your outdoor excursions.

The ease of use is also impressive, as the stroller can be folded with just one hand. Despite its slightly heavier weight due to the strong frame, users can appreciate the convenience of this quick folding mechanism. Storage is also facilitated by the zip-top cargo basket and five additional storage pockets, meaning you’ll have plenty of room for all your essentials.

While the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller offers excellent features and performance, it is important to note that maintaining the air-filled tires may be required to ensure consistent performance. Additionally, if you wish to use this stroller as part of a travel system, a separate purchase of a car seat adapter may be necessary.

Overall, this jogging stroller is the perfect companion for active parents who want a reliable, top-performing stroller that can handle various terrains and weather conditions, offering comfort and protection for their child.

Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller by Delta Children

Best Jogging Strollers

The Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller is a versatile and convenient option for active families seeking an all-terrain stroller that adapts to various surfaces with ease.


  • Versatile jogger and travel system compatibility
  • Adjustable UPF 50+ canopy for protection
  • Smooth ride with shock absorbing frame


  • Limited car seat compatibility (adapter needed for certain car seats)
  • Bulky when folded
  • Questionable cup holder security

The Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller by Delta Children offers a durable and smooth ride for both everyday errands and runs in the park. Its suspension system, equipped with visible shock absorbers, ensures that any bumps on the road or trail are effectively smoothened out. This makes it an excellent choice for parents with an active lifestyle while providing optimum comfort for their little ones.

This jogging stroller has useful features like an adjustable UPF 50+ canopy, multi-position reclining seat, swing-away child tray, reflective material for night runs, and ample storage space for parents’ convenience. Its adaptability as a travel system with different infant car seats (sold separately) adds to its practicality, but the need for an adapter for certain car seats can be a drawback for some.

Folding and transporting the Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller is relatively easy with its compact fold design and quick-release back wheels. However, it can be bulky when folded, which might be a concern for storage or fitting into a car trunk. The parent cup holders could also be more secure to ensure drinks stay in place during runs.

Overall, the Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller by Delta Children is a recommended option for active parents seeking a well-built and versatile jogging stroller that provides a comfortable ride for their child and is equipped with helpful features for daily use.

Buying Guide

When looking to purchase the best jogging stroller, there are several essential aspects to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss key factors to help you make an informed decision.

Seating Capacity

First, determine how many children the stroller needs to accommodate. Jogging strollers are available in single-seat and double-seat models. Single-seat strollers are appropriate for one child, while double-seat strollers can hold two children and are a more convenient choice for parents with twins or multiple small children.

Wheel Size and Configuration

The type of wheels on a jogging stroller play an important role in its performance. Large, air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride over uneven terrain but may require more maintenance. A popular wheel configuration is three wheels (one in the front, two in the back). This setup provides increased stability and better maneuverability while jogging.

Weight and Portability

The weight of the jogging stroller is another crucial factor to consider. Lightweight strollers are easier to maneuver and carry, while heavier strollers may provide more stability. A jogging stroller that is easy to fold and compact when stored is essential for parents who need to transport it often or have limited space.

Safety Features

Safety features are non-negotiable when choosing a jogging stroller. Look for the following essential safety features:

  • 5-point harness system to secure your child during rides
  • Handbrake to control and manage the stroller’s speed
  • Wrist strap to prevent the stroller from rolling away if you lose grip

Suspension and Adjustability

A jogging stroller with good suspension helps absorb shocks and provides a comfortable ride for your child on bumpy surfaces. Make sure the stroller’s handlebar is adjustable to accommodate users of varying heights. Additionally, a stroller featuring reclining options for the seat adds comfort for your child during longer rides.

Storage and Accessories

Lastly, consider the storage capacity and available accessories. A jogging stroller with ample storage space allows you to bring along essential items such as diapers, snacks, and a water bottle. Built-in cup holders and sun shades are useful accessories that can enhance convenience and the overall jogging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top jogging stroller brands?

Some of the top jogging stroller brands include BOB Gear, Thule, Baby Jogger, Joovy, and Graco. These brands have consistently received positive reviews and are known for their durability, build quality, and overall performance.

Which jogging strollers are worth the investment?

Jogging strollers that offer a smooth ride, high-quality materials, and reliable safety features are worth the investment. Some popular models include the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0, Thule Urban Glide 2, and Baby Jogger Summit X3. Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing a stroller.

What are the best lightweight jogging strollers?

Lightweight jogging strollers are great for those who need an easy-to-transport option. Top choices include the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight, Baby Trend Expedition, and the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger. These strollers offer excellent maneuverability without compromising on important features.

Are there affordable yet high-quality jogging strollers?

Yes, affordable and high-quality jogging strollers are available. Brands like Baby Trend and Graco often offer budget-friendly options with solid performance. For example, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger and the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger are both well-regarded for their price-to-quality ratio.

Which all-terrain strollers are suitable for jogging?

All-terrain strollers suitable for jogging typically have air-filled tires and sturdy suspension systems. The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0, Thule Urban Glide 2, and the Bumbleride Speed are some of the best all-terrain jogging strollers. They perform well on various surfaces, including gravel, grass, and uneven paths.

What are the best double jogging strollers for parents with multiple children?

Double jogging strollers cater to parents with twins or two young children. Highly-rated options include the Thule Chariot Cross, Baby Trend Navigator Lite, and Valco Baby Tri-Mode EX Twin. These strollers offer ample space, safety features, and adjustable settings for a comfortable ride for both children.

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