Best Triplet Stroller: 3-Seat Comparison Reviews

Best Triplet Stroller
As a parent of triplets, you know better than anyone what it means to have your hands full! Keeping three little ones happy and healthy is no small undertaking. It’s especially difficult to get around town with all of them in tow!

Thankfully, triple strollers exist. They’re an absolute lifesaver for parents with triplets. Or, at least, they should be! There are relatively few triplet models on the market, and we speak from personal experience when we say that some of them are downright horrible to use. That’s why you’ll want to read this guide before you buy yours.

We’ve set our kids & baby expert, Jenny L. Brown, to the task of finding the best triple strollers on the market. She’s combed through the offerings to find the most ergonomic, convenient, and comfortable models for you and your little ones.

Read on to see which models Jenny recommends, and to find out why!

Best Triple Stroller Reviews

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple StrollerClick for Price

Jenny’s Take

Jenny L. Brown

“Joovy’s Big Caboose adds a bench seat and standing platform to a stadium-style double stroller platform. You can also kit it out with another full, reclining seat. There’s no better option for parents of three kids on a tight budget. I like this one best for twins and an older child, but it also works fairly well for triplets if you purchase the additional seat!”


One of the most impressive things about the Big Caboose is how lightweight it is! It weighs a little over 32 pounds, which is ludicrously light for a triple stroller. Despite that, it’s certified to hold up to 125 pounds in total, as much as many heavier (and pricier) models.

The Big Caboose works in a variety of formats: it can be used for triplets, as long as they’re all 2.5+ years old (the minimum rating for the bench seat/standing platform at the rear) or you buy the matching third seat to make all three suitable for younger triplets. It also works well for twins and an older child who can stand for periods.

To make it work for triplets who are all younger, buy the Caboose Rear Seat:

Joovy Caboose Rear SeatClick for Price
The two front seats work with car seat adapters, so you can turn this into a basic travel system fairly easily.

It’s reasonably comfortable for something so inexpensive. The front seats have traditional canopies, and there’s a rear canopy over the older child’s seat. The Big Caboose also includes trays, footrests, and reclining features for the front two seats.

While it’s quite affordable, it’s not badly made. The seats are made from a sturdy polyester material which detaches for cleaning. The base has sealed-in wheel bearings and a decent suspension system. All in all, it’s very serviceable–as long as you’re not expecting premium.


It’s quite basic. There are no real thrills with the Joovy, and if you use it every day you may miss them. That’s to be expected for something so affordable, though. A parking brake and storage basket is all you get.

This isn’t technically a triplet stroller, though it can certainly work for several configurations of either triplets or three differently-aged children. You need to buy a third seat kit to use it for young triplets, and the third seat will never be as comfortable as the front two.

The Big Caboose is certainly big, but it still has the lowest weight rating of the three models we’ve recommended here.

The back seat is never going to be as comfortable as the front two, even if you buy the extra kit. It also has to face backward, so your little ones can’t all be pointed in the same direction.

Compared to the Foundations and especially the Peg Perego, the Joovy is a bit cheap overall. The construction is much lighter, and while it doesn’t feel unsafe, it’s certainly a bit rickety, especially when you turn.

Turning is where you really notice the difference between this and the nicer options. It doesn’t turn as easily, and it can be a pain to maneuver in anything like a tight space.

As with any 3-seater, you’re going to need a lot of room in the truck to get this into your car, even when it’s folded up.

Foundations LX3 3-Passenger Stroller

Foundations Worldwide Foundations Regette Blue 3 Passenger Stroller
Click for Price

Jenny’s Take

Jenny L. Brown

“The LX3 is a true triplet stroller for the average parent. It’s not compatible with car seats, and isn’t a premium model like the Peg Perego, but it also costs half the price. I think it’s a better buy than the Joovy for most folks. It has three matching seats, a bit more storage, and I love the oversized wheels. All in all, a perfect midrange option!”


It’s rated for up to 150 pounds! That’s the highest weight rating of the models we’ve reviewed, and enough to hold three growing kids with ease. The high weight rating is thanks to a heavy-duty steel frame

Unlike the Joovy, the Foundations is a true triplet model. All the seats are equally secure and comfortable and there’s no need to buy a kit to use it with younger triplets. They’ve all got 5-point harnesses for safety.

We love the braking system on this one. It has an automatic brake on the handlebar, much like a push mower. It automatically kicks in when you don’t have your hands on the stroller. There’s a secondary manual brake for extra security, too!

Another standout feature is the oversized set of wheels. They do wonders to improve handling, especially compared to something like the Joovy.

The LX3 packs lots of storage space, and it’s much easier to kit out with your accessories than the Joovy.

The one large sunshade is a distinctive feature you don’t see on many multiples, but there are upsides. It makes the whole thing much easier to take down and store in the car. It’s also super simple to use, since there’s only one point of adjustment.

As with our other triplet picks, the Foundations fits through standard doorways.


The large single sunshade is good for what it is, but there are downsides to using something like this instead of individual sunshades like you get on other models. It doesn’t provide for individual adjustments, and it doesn’t provide quite as complete coverage for each passenger.

It’s the heaviest of the bunch, at nearly 70 pounds. That’s the downside of having such a substantial steel base. The whole thing is very bulky, so check the measurements to make sure it’ll fit in your car!

You can’t recline or adjust the seats beyond tweaking the harnesses.

The biggest downside of the Foundations LX3 is how limiting it is. You can’t use it as a travel system, since car seats aren’t compatible. You can’t remove the seats, and there are practically no options for expansion or modification. It’s not nearly as customizable or versatile as the Peg Perego

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet StrollerClick for Price

Jenny’s Take

Jenny L. Brown

“The Peg Perego is the ultimate stroller for parents of triplets. It’s ergonomic, efficient, and incredibly flexible. I know its high price tag will put it out of reach for many folks, but as far as I’m concerned it’s worth every penny. You can turn it into a complete travel system, you can maneuver it almost anywhere, and it feels premium in every regard. ”


This is the best true triplet model on the market, as far as we’re concerned. The Foundations is very serviceable for moving triplets around, but it’s extremely limiting. That’s true of so many triplet models. The Peg Perego is great because it simply expands a great double stroller, without losing any flexibility or comfort. There’s no other model on the market like it in that regard.

While many premium strollers focus on features rather than integrity, the Peg Perego ticks both boxes. It has a heavy-duty frame to support up to 45 pounds in each seat, and the whole thing is made in Italy. Quality control just isn’t an issue with Peg Perego’s, and it offers ultimate peace of mind.

What we like best is that it’s still only 56 pounds, thanks to the use of high-grade aluminum rather than steel. That’s far, far lighter than the Foundations, especially when you consider that it only holds 5 pounds less per seat!

It also handles very well–far better than other triple model we’ve reviewed (and even better than a lot of doubles)! The base’s 360-degree wheel movement makes for easy navigation and the ball-bearing and suspension system is superb.

As we mentioned, the big downside of most triplet strollers is that they sacrifice functionality to accommodate more passengers. Not so with the Peg Perego! Its Team stroller seats are comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable. They have full recline range and you can face them however you like. Each seat has its own sunshade, footrests and storage.

There are lots and lots of options. An extra-large basket for the chassis is optional, and the Triplette is easy to use as a complete travel system with the matching car seats. No adapters necessary:

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Infant Car Seat with baseClick for Price

The Viaggio seat is one of the safest seat models out there, by any measure. It’s very adjustable, offers lots of protections and is built like a tank. We love how nice and padded it is. There’s SIP (side impact protection) from head to toe, which you can tweak to fit your growing child.


It’ll cost you over a grand. This is no small purchase, by any measure. Of course, it doesn’t cost proportionally more than a premium double stroller or single stroller. However, it brings the cost of transporting your triplets up to an eyewatering total.

Car seats will cost you extra, so factor that in if you want to use the Triplette as a travel system.


Which of these triple strollers should you buy?

The Joovy is a good budget option if you can’t afford the Foundations or the Peg Perego. With the additional seat kit, it turns into a decent triplet stroller for folks who need to save money. It’s also a nice alternative for parents of three differently-aged children, since the rear seat is ideal for an older child who’s starting to stand for periods. However, it’s pretty unwieldy compared to our other picks. It’s also just not as comfortable or reliable. If you have triplets and can afford to spend more, you probably should.

The Foundations is a good choice for the average parent who wants a true triplet model without dropping a grand for the Peg Perego. It holds a lot of weight, it has identical seats, and it’s reasonably comfortable for all the passengers. Just don’t expect much flexibility or plan to use it as a travel system.

The Peg Perego is everything you want from a great triplet stroller. It’s surprisingly ergonomic, impeccably built, and super flexible for a busy lifestyle. We love how easy it is to use with the matching car seats, and everything is extremely well thought-out. Parents of triplets aren’t going to do better! Just be prepared to shell out for this level of quality and safety. It’s a tough choice, but overall we’d give the award for best triple stroller to the Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller thanks to its amazing functionality and copious amounts of storage.

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