An In-depth Guide on UPS Notary Services and Costs


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The act of notarizing a document is an essential step in the validation of many legal papers. This process involves a Notary Public authenticating the identities of parties signing the document, ensuring they are of sound mind and signing the document voluntarily. Notary services are commonly utilized at UPS stores across the United States, thus, it’s essential to understand what these services entail and how much they cost. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on UPS notary services, their fees, and a comparison with online notary services.

1. Understanding Notary Services

Before delving into how much UPS charges for notary services, it’s important to understand what these services entail.

1.1. What is Notary Service?

A notary service is a third-party verification of the identities of individuals involved in signing legal documents. This service is conducted by a Notary Public, a state-appointed official who verifies and certifies the signing of legal documents.

1.2. The Role of a Notary Public

A Notary Public acts as an impartial witness to the signing of documents, ensuring the validity of legal papers. They ascertain the signatories’ identities, their willingness to sign the documents, and their awareness of the contents of the document.

2. UPS Notary Services: An Overview

UPS stores across the United States offer notary services. However, it’s important to note that not all UPS stores have a Notary Public available, due to the franchise nature of the business.

2.1. Services Offered

The UPS Notary services include verifying the identity of the person signing the document, ensuring they are of sound mind, and witnessing the signing of the documents.

2.2. Limitations and Exceptions

Despite offering notary services, UPS stores have limitations. Not all documents can be notarized at UPS stores. Therefore, it’s recommended to inquire about the type of documents the store can notarize before visiting.

3. How Much Does UPS Charge for Notary Services?

The cost of notary services at UPS varies depending on the location and the type of documents being notarized.

3.1. Cost of Walk-in Notary Services

For walk-in notary services, UPS can charge up to $30.

3.2. Cost of Scheduled Notary Services

If you make an appointment for notary services at UPS, the cost can range between $10 and $15.

3.3. Additional Costs

In addition to the notary fees, there might be additional costs including time spent scheduling appointments, driving to the store, and the time spent on the notarization itself.

4. When to Use UPS Notary Services?

Choosing between UPS Notary services and other options like online notary services often depends on your specific needs and circumstances.

4.1. Convenience and Accessibility

If a UPS store is conveniently located near your home or workplace, it might be a viable option for notary services.

4.2. Non-Urgent Notary Needs

If your notary needs are not immediate or time-sensitive, UPS notary services can be a good choice.

4.3. Simple Documents

UPS notary services are suitable for simple documents that do not require expert legal knowledge or advice.

5. Comparing UPS Notary Services with Online Notary Services

With advancements in technology, online notary services have become increasingly popular. They provide a quick and convenient way to notarize documents from anywhere.

5.1. Convenience and Speed

Online notary services offer the advantage of convenience and speed. You can have your documents notarized in less than 10 minutes, without leaving your home or office.

5.2. Availability

Unlike UPS stores, online notaries are typically available 24/7, including nights and weekends. This availability makes them an ideal choice for urgent notary needs.

5.3. Expertise

Online notaries are often more experienced and knowledgeable about the documents they are notarizing, thus reducing the risk of errors in the notarization process.

6. The Cost of Online Notary Services

While online notary services offer numerous benefits, they are typically more expensive than UPS notary services. However, the cost usually includes the convenience of having the notary come to you and the ability to notarize documents outside of regular business hours.

7. Making an Informed Decision

Choosing between UPS notary services and online notary services depends largely on your specific needs, convenience, and budget. While UPS notary services can be cheaper, online notary services offer a fast, convenient, and reliable alternative.

In conclusion, UPS notary services provide a valuable solution for individuals and businesses needing to notarize their documents. However, it’s important to understand the costs associated with these services and consider other options, such as online notary services, to ensure you choose the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

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