How Much Does Cryotherapy Cost? – A Detailed Pricing Guide


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Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment that has gained popularity in recent years, thanks to its myriad benefits. But how much does cryotherapy cost? This comprehensive guide will give you a clear idea of the expenses associated with cryotherapy.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, derived from the Greek words ‘cryo’ meaning ‘cold’, and ‘therapy’ meaning ‘treatment’, is a procedure where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a short duration. This therapy is used for various purposes, including reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and even boosting mood.

Cryotherapy: A Brief History

Cryotherapy was first developed in Japan in the late 1970s as a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, it has expanded globally and is widely used for its healing and rejuvenating effects. Today, cryotherapy is not only used in the medical field but has also found its way into wellness spas, athletic facilities, and even in the comfort of one’s home.

Types of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is mainly divided into two categories: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and Localized Cryotherapy.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

WBC involves exposing the entire body to subzero temperatures, typically ranging from -200°F to -256°F. During a WBC session, the individual steps into a cryotherapy chamber or sauna that releases ultra-cooled nitrogen gas. These sessions typically last between two to four minutes.

Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy targets specific areas of the body using a handheld device that directs nitrogen vapor onto the affected area. This treatment can last anywhere from five to ten minutes.

The Costs of Cryotherapy

The cost of cryotherapy varies depending on several factors, including the type of cryotherapy, geographical location, the service provider, and the number of sessions.

Cost of Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

The price for a single session of WBC typically ranges from $40 to $100. However, most facilities offer packages or memberships, which can significantly reduce the cost per session. For instance, a package of five sessions may cost around $200 to $275, effectively bringing the cost per session down to $40 to $55.

Cost of Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy generally costs between $30 to $50 per session. Similar to WBC, many providers offer packages that can lower the cost per session.

Cost of Cryotherapy Machines

For those interested in at-home treatments, cryotherapy machines are available for purchase. A whole-body cryotherapy chamber can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000, depending on its features and the brand. On the other hand, a handheld localized cryotherapy device is much more affordable, with prices starting from around $10,000.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Cryotherapy

Several elements influence the cost of cryotherapy, including:

  1. Type of Cryotherapy: As mentioned earlier, the cost differs between WBC and localized cryotherapy. WBC tends to be more expensive due to the technology and equipment involved.
  2. Location: The cost of cryotherapy can vary significantly based on geographical location. Metropolitan areas with a higher cost of living may charge more than smaller cities or towns.
  3. Service Provider: Costs can also fluctuate depending on the service provider. Medical facilities may charge more than wellness spas or fitness centers.
  4. Number of Sessions: The total cost also depends on the number of sessions. Most providers offer packages or memberships that provide a certain number of sessions for a fixed price, reducing the cost per session.
  5. Additional Services: Additional services such as CryoFacials™, CryoToning, or Cryoskin can also affect the overall cost.

Membership and Package Options

To make cryotherapy more affordable, many providers offer several membership and package options.


Memberships are typically billed monthly and allow for a certain number of sessions per month. For instance, a membership allowing for eight sessions per month could cost around $150 to $200.


Packages provide a set number of sessions for a one-time fee. They can range from a five-session package costing around $200 to a 20-session package costing upwards of $800.

Making Cryotherapy More Affordable

While the upfront costs of cryotherapy may seem high, there are ways to make this treatment more affordable:

  1. Utilize Package Deals or Memberships: Most cryotherapy providers offer package deals or memberships, which can significantly reduce the cost per session.
  2. Group or Family Packages: Some providers offer group or family packages, allowing multiple people to share a package, further reducing the cost per person.
  3. Introductory Offers: Many providers offer discounted rates for first-time customers, enabling you to try cryotherapy at a reduced cost.
  4. Check for Special Offers: Keep an eye out for special offers, discounts, or promotions, which can help you save on cryotherapy sessions.


Cryotherapy is a powerful tool for pain management, inflammation reduction, and overall wellness. While the cost of cryotherapy can vary greatly, understanding the factors that influence the price can help you find a treatment option that fits your budget. Whether you opt for whole body cryotherapy or localized treatments, the benefits of this innovative therapy can be well worth the investment.

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